August 17, 2017
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About PBI Kenya

In 2013, PBI deployed a team of international volunteers in Kenya following extensive field and desk-based research into the human rights situation in the country and the related needs of human rights defenders. PBI has since endeavoured to establish the legal and administrative structures of the project, while conducting ongoing research into the human rights situation and the challenges faced by human rights defenders as well as exploring ways of supporting HRDs in their work.

In order to do so, the team has met with many different actors, including representatives from the international community, among them embassies and international NGOs. The Kenya Project  also constantly interacts with Kenyan authorities and, most importantly, many local human rights organisations and HRDs. Based in Nairobi, the team has also visited the Coast, West and Central parts of Kenya. In 2014 PBI Kenya began to actively engage in national and international advocacy and started to provide protective accompaniment to HRDs.

Since 2015 PBI Kenya has focused its work on protective accompaniment and capacity building for HRDs from Mathare, an informal settlement in Nairobi. Where appropriate PBI also links grassroots HRDs with actors from the international community as well as civil society organisations, with a view to broaden HRDs networks and thereby increase their working space and level of protection.

In order to learn more about PBI's integral approach of protective accompaniment and our principles of non-violence, non-interference and non-partisanship, please visit our international website.

To support PBI's efforts to protect HRDs so that they can continue to carry out their important work, please click here.

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